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Struggling to find employment and training due to your background or current circumstance? Use our network to find programs and organizations that can assist you.

Struggling to pay bills, in danger of losing your home? Use our emergency contact list to find an organization or program, to help you get back on your feet.


Ynotu2 Purpose:


To help underserved and disadvantaged job seekers develop the job skills, competence, confidence, and connections to meaningful, gainful and secure employment.  

We have added early childhood intervention and youth mentoring.


Our mission:

Remove the word "can't" from your vocabulary!

The purpose of YNOTU2, Inc. is to provide vocational rehabilitation, job and life skill development for disadvantage job seekers.  Disadvantaged job seekers are people with disabilities, youth-at-risk, single parents, ex-offenders, and military veterans.  Our informational website has been provided to locate programs that will assist participants with improving their self-esteem, understanding their value, and developing their skills.  This will help the participants succeed.  Financial woes are often the #1 cause of ex-offender recidivism as well as hinders the ability of those with financial struggles to obtain education, trades, job training etc. in order to strengthen their opportunities of finding careers that provide good pay and job security.  The pressure of financial woes often forces individuals to take the first available job or in the case of an ex-offender to commit another offense. Through our program we intend to provide disadvantaged job seekers with the tools to turn their lives around while becoming a valuable member of society.


 Millions of people engage in the daily struggle to survive, grow, and develop in areas that will better their lives. If they can, Ynotu2 



  Life Beyond the Classroom
Ynotu2 joins with local community leaders and public figures to discuss with the students, what to expect and means to prepare for life when they are no longer sheltered by the structured setting, which school provides.