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                Open Discussion

Unlike the motivational speaking approach. “Life Beyond the Classroom”, provides an open forum where the students can be heard. It allows them to express their issues and ask questions of the panelist that relates to their specific needs.  Our panelist are selected so that they each provide expertise in their industry. Teachers, mentors, counselors, who all bring a wealth of knowledge to the forum. This allows them to speak from life experience and share a connection with the students. They volunteer their services in order to assist in improving the quality of life for students as well as members of the community.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Fredrick Douglas

                 Outside the Box

We leave the teaching to the teachers. We recognize and embrace the value of good grades and a strong educational background. “Life Beyond the Classroom”, is just that. To bring awareness to the life lessons and basic skills such as, leadership, finance, business acumen, entrepreneurship, investing, retirement, healthy living, preparing for the job market, success as a returning citizen (ex-offender) and more. 

Whether a student ultimately decides to enter the workforce directly after high school, pursue further education or explore opportunities in entrepreneurship, there are basic Life skills required to lay the groundwork for success in adulthood. The trend of single parent homes, inadequacies in the school curriculum and increased impact of social media, has left today’s youth ill prepared for “Life after school.